Models of high speed doors.

July 29, 2021
Latest company news about Models of high speed doors.

Models of fast rolling door
At present, the fast rolling shutter doors on the market are roughly divided into 5 categories. Their common characteristics are high speed, high efficiency, and a variety of external sensor interfaces, which can realize multi-device linkage, which is more intelligent and safer.
1. PVC normal fast rolling shutter door
This kind of door has a certain wind resistance, high cost performance, mostly used for workshop internal partition door and small size workshop outside door.
2. PVC stacking fast door
This kind of door is similar to the ordinary fast rolling shutter door, but it has stronger wind resistance performance, and is mostly used for the outer door of large opening size.
3. PVC zipper fast door
The unique track structure of the zipper fast door gives it a strong sealing performance and an automatic repair function. But his wind resistance performance is poor, more used in the workshop, cleanliness requirements higher internal partition door.
4. Cold storage fast door
The curtain of the cold storage fast door is composed of three layers, and the middle is filled with thermal insulation material. Its track structure is unique, and it has strong sealing and thermal insulation performance. Install heating wire or hot fan around the track to prevent icing.
5.  Aluminum alloy fast rolling door
Door panels are aluminum alloy polyurethane foam material, turbine track structure. It not only has a strong insulation performance and excellent wind resistance. Most are installed in the logistics area, outside the gates of the workshop.